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Cartography and geoinformation , Vol. 14 No. 24, 2015.

  • Publication date: 30.12.2015.
  • Published on HRČAK: 21.07.2016.

Table of contents

Full text

A Geospatial Data Infrastructure Deploying an Information and Knowledge Platform for the Agriculture Sector (page 4-24)

Tomáš Kliment, Gloria Bordogna, Luca Frigerio
Original scientific paper

Vindšachta Water Reservoir – Using GIS Tools for a Comparison of Storage Capacity in 1887 and 2014 (page 42-57)

Jakub Fuska, Daniel Kubinský, Lenka Lackóová, Karol Weis
Original scientific paper

Olga Bjelotomić, PhD in Technical Sciences (page 58-61)

Tomislav Bašić

Damir Šantek, PhD in Technical Sciences (page 62-65)

Željko Bačić

Nikola Vučić, PhD in Technical Sciences (page 66-69)

Miodrag Roić

10th Jubilee International Conference on Digital Approaches to Cartographic Heritage (page 71-75)

Martina Triplat Horvat, Miljenko Lapaine
Case report

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