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  • Publication date: 06.10.2016.
  • Published on HRČAK: 23.10.2016.

Table of contents

Full text

StaTips Part II: Assessment of the repeatability of measurements for continuous data (page 33-34)

Giuseppe Perinetti
Short communication, Note

Evaluation and comparison of tooth size discrepancies among different malocclusion groups (page 35-38)

Adnan Mujagic, Vildana Dzemidzic, Alisa Tiro, Enita Nakas
Original scientific paper

Changes in head posture after rapid maxillary expansion in patients with nasopharyngeal obstruction (page 39-43)

Gabriela Kjurchieva-Chuchkova, Lidija Kanurkova, Cvetanka Bajraktarova-Miševska
Original scientific paper

Does asymmetry in the stomatognathic system correlate with body posture impairments?: A systematic review (page 44-51)

Beatrice Dal Borgo, Giuseppe Perinetti, Luca Contardo
Review article

Diagnosis and treatment of an excess vertical dimension malocclusion (page 52-58)

James L. Vaden, Richard A. Williams
Professional paper

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