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  • Publication date: 15.12.2016.
  • Published on HRČAK: 15.12.2016.

Table of contents

Full text

General Equilibrium Effects of Lower Labor Tax Burden in Croatia (page 1-13)

Ozana Nadoveza, Tomislav Sekur, Marija Beg
Original scientific paper

Interpreting Typical Profile of Transition Leaders – Case Croatia (page 15-28)

Jasminka Samardžija
Original scientific paper

Empirical Evidence of Capital Mobility in the EU New Member States (page 29-42)

Ines Kersan Škabić
Original scientific paper

Employment, Capital and Seasonality in Selected Mediterranean Countries (page 43-58)

Alka Obadić, Lorena Pehar
Original scientific paper

When Employers Betray: A Study of Psychological Contract Breach Among Croatian Employees (page 59-69)

Zvonimir Galić, Maša Tonković Grabovac, Irena Gotvald, Željko Jerneić
Original scientific paper

Boundaryless Career and Career Outcomes: The Mediating Role of Individual Career Management Behaviours (page 71-97)

Irene Nikandrou, Eleanna Galanaki
Original scientific paper

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