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  • Publication date: 22.12.2016.
  • Published on HRČAK: 22.12.2016.

Table of contents

Full text

Impact of the transition on the total factor productivity in Croatia (page 271-308)

Irena Raguž Krištić, Ivo Družić, Josip Tica
Original scientific paper

The impact of terrorism on the FDI of the EU and EEA Countries (page 333-362)

Heri Bezić, Tomislav Galović, Petar Mišević
Original scientific paper

Poland as an inflation nutter:The story of successful output stabilization (page 363-392)

Maciej Ryczkowski
Original scientific paper

Backus–Smith puzzle and the European Union: It’s not just the nominal exchange rate (page 393-418)

Predrag Petrović
Original scientific paper

Transcending the new macroeconomic orthodoxy in the Eurozone: a Post-Keynesian view (page 419-441)

Kristijan Kotarski, Milan Deskar-Škrbić
Preliminary communication

A multivariate approach in measuring innovation performance (page 443-479)

Elżbieta Roszko-Wójtowicz, Jacek Białek
Review article

Industrial policy, production efficiency improvement and the Chinese county economic growth (page 505-528)

Wang Zhenhua, Zhang Guangsheng
Review article

The impacts of financial development on growth: A time-varying causality analysis for Turkey (page 529-554)

Mehmet Zeki Ak, Mustafa Kirca, Nurullah Altintaş
Review article

Predicting the probability of recession in Croatia:Is economic sentiment the missing link? (page 555-579)

Nataša Erjavec, Petar Sorić, Mirjana Čižmešija
Review article

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