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  • Publication date: 06.01.2017.
  • Published on HRČAK: 06.01.2017.

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Agitation Effects and Kinetic Constants of Exoglucomannan Production by Antarctic Yeast Strain in a Stirred Tank Bioreactor (page 393-400)

S. D. Vlaev, K. Pavlova, S. Rusinova-Videva, K. Georgieva, D. Georgiev
Original scientific paper

Influence of the Location of the Internal Temperature Control Loop on the Performance of the Dual Temperature Control for Feed Temperature Disturbance (page 411-418)

C. Marangoni, E. J. Zierhut, I. G. B. Parisotto, R. A. F. Machado, A. Bolzan
Original scientific paper

A CFD-based Approach to Predict Explosion Overpressure: A Comparison to Current Methods (page 419-427)

C. Díaz-Ovalle, A. López-Molina, R. Vázquez-Román
Original scientific paper

Study on Some Properties of Calcium-dependent a-Amylase from Bacillus subtilis through Submerged Fermentation of Wheat Bran (page 429-437)

M. Irfan, M. Nadeem, Q. Syed, H. Abdullah Shakir, J. Iqbal Qazi
Original scientific paper

A Review on Geotrichum Lipases: Production, Purification, Immobilization and Applications (page 439-454)

R. R. Maldonado, D. B. Lopes, E. Aguiar-Oliveira, E. S. Kamimura, G. A. Macedo
Review article

Influence of Acidity and Extraction Time on the Recovery of Flavonoids from Grape Skin Pomace Optimized by Response Surface Methodology (page 455-464)

P. Putnik, D. Bursać Kovačević, M. Radojčin, V. Dragović-Uzelac
Original scientific paper

Thermal Performance and Viscosity of Biologically Produced Silver/Coconut Oil Nanofluids (page 489-500)

M. M. Sarafraz, A. Arya, V. Nikkhah, F. Hormozi
Original scientific paper

Characterization of Casein Fractions – Comparison of Commercial Casein and Casein Extracted from Cow’s Milk (page 501-509)

A. Ptiček Siročić, Lj. Kratofil Krehula, Z. Katančić, Z. Hrnjak-Murgić
Original scientific paper


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