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Croatica Chemica Acta , Vol. 52 No. 3, 1979.

  • Publication date: 20.11.1979.
  • Published on HRČAK: 31.03.2018.

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Conclusion (page 0-0)


Association and. Precipitation of Alkaline Earth Dodecyl Sulphate in Aqueous Media (page 183-189)

I. Krznarić, J. Božić, N. Kallay
Original scientific paper

Phase Volume Changes in Multicomponent Extraction Systems Containing Diisopropyl Ether (page 191-206)

Da. Maljković, Du. Maljković, M. Branica
Original scientific paper

Molecular Conformation of Pyridinic Aromatic Esters. II. Electronic Absorption Spectra and Dipole Moments by Semiempirical Methods (page 213-221)

G. Buemi, S. Fasone, D. Grasso, C. Gandolfo
Original scientific paper

Calorimetric Investigation of Grafting of Styrene and Methylmethacrylate onto Air-Preirradiated Polyethylene (page 223-231)

M. Barić, F. Ranogajec, I. Dvornik
Original scientific paper

On the Reference Structure for the Resonance Energy of Aromatic Hydrocarbons (page 233-248)

L. J. Schaad, B. Andes Hess, Jr., J. B. Nation, N. Trinajstić, I. Gutman
Original scientific paper

Some Integrals for Molecular Properties and Relativistic Effects over Hermite-Gaussian Functions (page 265-279)

Z. B. Maksić, A. Graovac, M. Primorac
Original scientific paper

Aliphatic Thymidine and Deoxyuridine Analogs (page 281-292)

V. Škarić, D. Erben, Z. Raza, Đ. Škarić
Original scientific paper

Synthesis, Reactions, and Properties of 1-Phenyl-2-Propen-1-ol Derivatives (page 299-304)

S . T. Kulenović, R. T. Arnold
Original scientific paper

Isomerisation of N-Acyl Benzylpenilloic Acid in Acetic Anhydride and Formation of 7, 7-Dimethyl-6-thia-3,8-diazahicyclo(3,2,1)octan-2-one (page 311-320)

J. J. Herak, M. Kovačević, I. Lukić, B. Gašpert
Original scientific paper

Book Reviews (page A9-A17)

Case report

Profesor Robert Burns Woodward (1917-1979) (page C11-C11)

In memoriam, Obituary

Announcement (page C12-C12)


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