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  • Publication date: 25.12.2017.
  • Published on HRČAK: 24.04.2018.

Table of contents

Full text

Modal Realism and the Problem of Missing Diversity (page 103-115)

Marián Zouhar
Original scientific paper

The Place for Conversational Implicature in Doctor-Patient Communication (page 117-129)

Martina Blečić
Original scientific paper

Triangular Normativity? Revisiting McDowell’s Critique of Davidson (page 131-150)

Greg Lynch
Original scientific paper

The First Decade of the Logic of Change LCG (page 151-160)

Ivan Restović
Review article

Prema dualizmu ili od kognitivizma? (page 161-180)

Miljana Milojević
Review article

Derek Parfit (1942-2017) (page 183-188)

Matej Sušnik
In memoriam, Obituary

Jerry Fodor (1935-2017) (page 189-196)

Carlos Muñoz-Suárez
In memoriam, Obituary

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