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  • Publication date: 06.07.2018.
  • Published on HRČAK: 23.07.2018.

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Editorial for Vol. 26 No. 1 (page I-II)

Vlado Glavinić

Finding Reliable Information on the Web Should and Can Still Be Improved (page 1-6)

Mathias Glatz, Hermann Maurer, Muhammad Tanvir Azfal

Modified Token Based Congestion Control Scheme for Opportunistic Networks (page 7-17)

Emmanuel Adewale Adedokun, Hamisu Abubakar Adamu, Idris Salawu Shaibu
Original scientific paper

Enabling Dns64perf++ for Benchmarking the Caching Performance of DNS64 Servers (page 19-28)

Gábor Lencse
Original scientific paper

Body Part Extraction and Pose Estimation Method in Rowing Videos (page 29-43)

Gábor Szűcs, Bence Tamás
Original scientific paper

An Obfuscated Attack Detection Approach for Collaborative Recommender Systems (page 45-56)

Saakshi Kapoor, Vishal Gupta, Rohit Kumar
Original scientific paper

Market Segmentation Analysis and Visualization Using K-Mode Clustering Algorithm for E-Commerce Business (page 57-68)

Deepali Kamthania, Ashish Pawa, Srijit S. Madhavan
Original scientific paper

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