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  • Publication date: 29.10.2018.
  • Published on HRČAK: 07.11.2018.

Table of contents

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Psychopathy: Philosophical and Empirical Challenges (page 5-14)

Marko Jurjako, Luca Malatesti, John McMillan

Psychopathic Personality Disorder: Capturing an Elusive Concept (page 15-32)

David J. Cooke
Original scientific paper

Delineating Psychopathy from Cognitive Empathy: The Case of Psychopathic Personality Traits Scale (page 53-62)

Janko Međedović, Tara Bulut, Drago Savić, Nikola Đuričić
Original scientific paper

What Can Philosophers Learn from Psychopathy? (page 63-78)

Heidi L. Maibom
Original scientific paper

Are Psychopaths Legally Insane? (page 79-96)

Anneli Jefferson, Katrina Sifferd
Original scientific paper

Shame, Embarrassment, and the Subjectivity Requirement (page 97-114)

Erick J. Ramirez
Original scientific paper

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