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  • Publication date: 28.12.2018.
  • Published on HRČAK: 30.12.2018.

Table of contents

Full text

Types of associations and motivations to join: A study with young people in Spain (page 233-244)

Ana Lanero Carrizo, José Luis Vázquez Burguete, César Sahelices Pinto
Original scientific paper

The scientific productivity of Croatian economics and business educational institutions: Relation of size and productivity (page 245-260)

Mirjana Pejić Bach, Ivan Miloloža, Karmen Abramović
Original scientific paper

Designing entrepreneurial education in Russia: Hard and soft skills (page 261-274)

Alexander Yashin, Alexey Klyuev, Anna Bagirova
Original scientific paper

Critical examination of the IEET measurement instrument for the assessment of textbook quality (page 275-286)

Ivana Ljevak Lebeda, Josipa Mijoč, Nives Tomašević
Original scientific paper

Impact of the metal processing industry on industrial production in Croatia during the period of recession: Lessons learned (page 287-304)

Željko Požega, Boris Crnković, Lena Duspara
Preliminary communication

The influence of the business environment on the microeconomic competitiveness of the dairy industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina (page 305-318)

Zijad Džafić, Anisa Šišić - Topalović
Preliminary communication

Determinants of sovereign credit ratings: Evidence from CEE countries (page 319-335)

Hrvoje Jošić, Danijel Mlinarić
Preliminary communication

Measuring ethnocentric tendencies of consumers in Tuzla Canton (page 337-346)

Amela Bešlagić, Damir Bećirović, Admir Čavalić
Preliminary communication

Features of impulse buying in Croatian retail (page 349-360)

Davor Perkov, Marinko Jurčević
Review article

From classical to contemporary ecological economics theory (page 361-370)

Nada Denona Bogović, Ivana Licul
Review article

The pathway toward a resource-efficient economy in Croatia (page 385-397)

Martina Harc
Review article

Integration of migrants in the Croatian labour market - comparison with the German experience (page 399-411)

Vjekoslav Đaić, Branimir Felger, Gordana Lesinger
Review article

Impact of changes in human capital potential on macroeconomic trends (page 413-425)

Zoran Miletić, Nikolina Plazonić
Review article

Alternative sources of funding in culture: Case of eastern Croatia (page 427-440)

Ivana Bestvina Bukvić, Marija Šain, Ivona Maršić
Review article

Book review “Franchising in Eastern Europe - yesterday, today, tomorrow” (page 443-444)

Tihana Koprivnjak, Petra Mezulić Juric
Case report

Kreativna riznica umrežila sektore kreativne industrije (page 451-455)

Ivana Jobst
Case report

Interdisciplinary management research conference – IMR 2018 (page 457-458)

Dina Liović, Ivana Unukić, Sofija Turjak
Case report

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