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  • Publication date: 06.02.2019.
  • Published on HRČAK: 06.02.2019.

Table of contents

Full text

Rouhani’s and Obama’s Persian New Year messages: A systemic functional grammar perspective (page 0-0)

Amin Karimnia, Shidak Rahbarian
Original scientific paper

A marriage of convenience or an amicable divorce: Metaphorical blends in the debates on Brexit (page 1-24)

Sanja Berberović, Mersina Mujagić
Original scientific paper

Teaching materials for ESL distance learning (page 40-54)

Iris Memić-Fišić, Nina Bijedić
Original scientific paper

Examining validity in computerized dynamic assessment (page 55-70)

Zaha Alonazi
Original scientific paper

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