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  • Publication date: 06.06.2019.
  • Published on HRČAK: 06.06.2019.

Table of contents

Full text

User Risky Behavior and Security Awareness through Lifespan (page 53-60)

Tena Velki, Ksenija Romstein
Preliminary communication

Unified Power Flow Controller for Non-Linear Loads Using Adaptive Power Quality Theory (page 61-67)

Jaya Raju Gaddala, Sambasiva Rao Gudapati
Preliminary communication

Lossless Compression of Medical Image Sequences Using a Resolution Independent Predictor and Block Adaptive Encoding (page 69-79)

Urvashi Sharma, Meenakshi Sood, Emjee Puthooran
Original scientific paper

Clique Comparison and Homophily Detection in Telecom Social Networks (page 81-87)

Marin Mandić, Davor Škobić, Goran Martinović
Preliminary communication

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