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  • Publication date: 28.06.2019.
  • Published on HRČAK: 28.06.2019.

Table of contents

Full text

A comparative analysis of medical tourism competitiveness of India, Thailand and Singapore (page 102-115)

Ahmed Husain Ebrahim, Subhadra Ganguli
Review article

An analysis of the link between high speed transport and tourists' behaviour (page 116-125)

Francesca Pagliara, Filomena Mauriello, Sergio Di Martino
Original scientific paper

Resilience capacity in different types of tourism businesses (page 126-146)

Ece Doğantan, Meryem Akoğlan Kozak
Original scientific paper

Developing a model for tourism smart card and evaluating its effect on tourism services (page 147-158)

Amir Abbas Najafipour, Yosef Argavani Fallah, Mohammad Hossein Foroozanfar, Seyed Morteza Ziaee Adib
Original scientific paper

Travel and distinction: The cultural currency of mobility in post-egalitarian context (page 159-170)

Andreja Trdina, Dejan Jontes
Original scientific paper

Second home owner's tourısm perspectıves: A case study in the Aegean region (page 171-184)

Murat Nazlı
Original scientific paper

Applications of technology in visitor attractions: Revisiting Stipanuk's perspective of the tourism/technology interface (page 202-214)

Ryan Jopp, Nicola Fish, Tony Nankervis
Original scientific paper

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