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  • Publication date: 20.01.2020.
  • Published on HRČAK: 20.01.2020.

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TiO2 Sol-gel Coating as a Transducer Substrate for Impedimetric Immunosensors (page 437-447)

R. A. D. de Faria, M. Houmard, V. A. M. do Rosário, V. de Freitas Cunha Lins, L. G. D. Heneine, T. Matencio
Original scientific paper

Effect of Helichrysum italicum on the Corrosion of Copper in Simulated Acid Rain Solution (page 449-457)

Z. Pilić, I. Martinović
Original scientific paper

Oscillatory Flow Bioreactor (OFB) Applied in Enzymatic Hydrolysis at High Solid Loadings (page 459-470)

J. Buchmaier, C. Brunner, U. Griesbacher, A. N. Phan, A. P. Harvey, R. Krishna Gudiminchi, B. Nidetzky, B. Muster
Original scientific paper

Isolation, Kinetics, and Performance of a Novel Phenol Degrading Strain (page 485-494)

W. Zhang, X. Xia
Original scientific paper

Enzymatic Kinetics of Solvent-free Esterification with Bio-imprinted Lipase (page 495-499)

M. Matsumoto, Y. Matsumoto
Original scientific paper

Lipase-catalyzed Solvent-free Synthesis of Polyglycerol 10 (PG-10) Esters (page 501-509)

Y. Satyawali, L. Cauwenberghs, W. Dejonghe
Original scientific paper

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