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Croatica Chemica Acta , Vol. 93 No. 2, 2020.

  • Publication date: 11.10.2020.
  • Published on HRČAK: 11.10.2020.

Table of contents

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Introduction (page I-II)


Graphical Abstracts (page III-V)


Conclusion (page VI-VI)


Cover Page (page VII-VII)


Photo-induced Dissociation of the N1–H Bond in the Imino Tautomers of Isocytosine in Water Medium (page 97-104)

Blagovest H. Dimitrov, Vassil B. Delchev
Original scientific paper

Distribution of Rare Earth Elements in Citrus Leaves and Reference Materials (NIST SRM 1515 and ERM CD281) (page 111-120)

Željka Fiket, Martina Furdek Turk
Original scientific paper

Role of the Various Surface Sites and Species in CO Hydrogenation Over Alumina-supported Co-Pd Catalysts (page 121-131)

Maya G. Shopska, Iskra Z. Shtereva, Hristo G. Kolev, Krasimir K. Tenchev, Silviya Z. Todorova, Georgi B. Kadinov
Original scientific paper

Flow-injection Determination of Glutathione, Penicillamine and Tiopronin Based on the Reduction of Copper(II)-neocuproine Reagent (page 133-138)

Lea Kukoc-Modun, Maja Biocic, Njegomir Radić
Original scientific paper

Synthesis and Biological Assessment of Carbazole Linked Pyrazole Schiff bases and Diarylthiourea Derivatives (page 139-146)

Gopinath D. Shirole, Gajanan R. Pandhare, Anil G. Gadhave, Bhagawat K. Uphade, Dilip S. Aute, Vijay A. Kadnor
Original scientific paper

A DFT Study on the Efficacy of Linking Agents (Sulfur and Nitrogen) to Connect Trans-azobenzene Sandwiched Between Two Gold Electrodes (page 147-155)

C. Karthika, R. Praveena, S. Ramachandran, K. Sadasivam, G. Salgado, P. Muñoz, L. Gerli, L. H. Mendoza-Huizar
Original scientific paper

Adriatic NMR Conference 2020 (page 157-158)

Predrag Novak

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