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Technical Journal , Vol. 14 No. 4, 2020.

  • Publication date: 09.12.2020.
  • Published on HRČAK: 09.12.2020.

Table of contents

Full text

Reference Breast Phantoms for Low-Cost Microwave Imaging (page 411-415)

Emine Avşar Aydin, Selin Yabaci Karaoğlan
Original scientific paper

A Strategic Service Management Model in National Gas Distribution Projects (page 416-422)

Fereidoun Esmaeilzadeh, Kazem Askarifar, Pegah Alamdari
Original scientific paper

The Effect of the Holding Pressure Profile on the Metal Injection Molded Component Dimensions after Sintering (page 423-427)

Emir Šarić, Samir Butković, Muhamed Mehmedović
Original scientific paper

Influence of the Varnishing "Surface" Coverage on Optical Print Characteristics (page 428-433)

Tomislav Hudika, Igor Majnarić, Tomislav Cigula
Original scientific paper

Image Artefacts in Industrial Computed Tomography (page 434-439)

Amalija Horvatić Novak, Biserka Runje, Zdenka Keran, Marko Orošnjak
Original scientific paper

Designing an Integrated Model of Oil and Gas Management with a SWOT Approach: The Case of NIOC (page 440-445)

Seyed Emad Hosseini, Amir Naser Akhavan, Mohsen Bahrami
Original scientific paper

Accuracy Analysis of Point Velocities Determined by Different Software Packages and GNSS Measurement Processing Methods (page 446-457)

Margareta Premužić, Almin Đapo, Željko Bačić, Boško Pribičević
Original scientific paper

Statistical Methods in Building Industry to Determine Prices Indices (page 458-465)

Helena Ellingerová, Zora Petráková, Ingrida Skalíková
Original scientific paper

Research of the Residual Bearing Capacity and the Work of Damaged Reinforced Concrete Beams’ Inclined Sections (page 466-472)

Zeljko Kos, Yevhenii Klymenko, Kostiantyn Polianskyi, Andjelko Crnoja
Preliminary communication

Wages and Incentive Instruments for Enhancing the Performance of Construction Industry Employees (page 473-479)

Alena Tichá, Dana Linkeschová, Zdeněk Tichý, Zuzana Mrňová
Preliminary communication

Comparison of Power Distribution, Losses and Efficiencies of a Steam Turbine with and without Extractions (page 480-487)

Vedran Mrzljak, Sandi Baressi Šegota, Hrvoje Meštrić, Zlatan Car
Preliminary communication

Blockchain-Based Application for Certification Management (page 488-492)

Jovan Karamachoski, Ninoslav Marina, Pavel Taskov
Preliminary communication

Calculation of the Plastic Metal Flow in the Cold Extrusion Technology by Finite Volume Method (page 493-498)

Hazim Bašić, Ismet Demirdžić, Samir Muzaferija
Preliminary communication

Case Study: Six Sigma Project for Reducing Manual Handling of Materials in Real Manufacturing Company (page 499-506)

Atanas Kochov, Aleksandar Argilovski
Preliminary communication

UAV, Digital Processing and Vectorization Techniques Applied to Building Condition Assessment and Follow-up (page 507-513)

Carles Serrat, Sebastian Banaszek, Anna Cellmer, Vicenç Gibert, Anna Banaszek
Preliminary communication

THD Analysis of a Seven, Nine, and Eleven Level Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter for Different Loads (page 514-523)

Manoj Kumar Sahu, Madhusmita Biswal, Jagan Mohana Rao Malla
Review article

The Importance of SD Goals Indicators 7, 8, 9 and 12 in the Industry Development by Using Multi Criteria and Decision Making Method (page 524-530)

Fisnik Osmani, Atanas Kochov, Betim Shabani, Mirjeta Ilazi
Review article

Selection of an Optimal Supplier (page 531-539)

Predrag Ćosić, Zdenka Keran, Vedran Kokot
Review article

The Simulation Model of a Student Restaurant (page 540-545)

Zvonimir Mihaljevic, Goran Dukic
Professional paper

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