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  • Publication date: 21.06.2021.
  • Published on HRČAK: 29.06.2021.

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The Transformation of Medical Spas into Modern Spa Centers in Bosnia and Herzegovina: An Investigation Using a Decision-Making Support Model (page 180-195)

Admir Beganović, Adis Puška, Allen Popović Beganović
Original scientific paper

Does Consumer Need for Uniqueness Influence Travel Decision-Making? (page 196-215)

Banasree Dey, Jones Mathew, Shalini Srivastava
Original scientific paper

One-Day Cultural Tours in Bulgaria: A Netnography Study of Customer Satisfaction (page 216-227)

Ilinka Terziyska
Original scientific paper

COVID-19 and the Pandemic's Spatio-Temporal Impact on Tourism Demand in Bavaria (Germany) (page 246-261)

Jürgen Schmude, Sascha Filimon, Philipp Namberger, Erik Lindner, Jae-Eun Nam, Pauline Metzinger
Original scientific paper

Global Tourism and COVID-19: An Impact Assessment (page 262-280)

Priya Harchandani, Samik Shome
Review article

Competitiveness, Intelligence and Sustainability in Consolidated Destinations: What We Know and Pending Research Challenges (page 281-299)

Ana Belén Ramón-Rodríguez, María Jesús Such-Devesa, José Francisco Perles-Ribes, Luis Moreno-Izquierdo
Review article

Suicide Tourism: Leiper's Tourism System Theoretical Perspective (page 300-304)

Prokopis A. Christou
Short communication, Note

Payment of nautical tourist tax exclusively through the online portal (page 322-323)

Croatian National Tourist Board Croatian National Tourist Board

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