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  • Publication date: 03.09.2021.
  • Published on HRČAK: 27.09.2021.

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Empirically Mapping the Evolutionary Phases of Tourism Area Life Cycle (TALC): The Case of Goa, India (page 346-366)

Surabhi Gore, Nilesh Borde, Purva Hegde Desai, Babu George
Case report

Adapting to Political Activism in the Destination: General Strike (Hartal) and Tourism in Kerala (page 367-380)

Toney K. Thomas, Diya Jose
Original scientific paper

The Trade-Off Between Tourism and Pollution for Japanese Economic Growth (page 381-394)

Giovanni Bella, Carla Massidda
Original scientific paper

The Relationship Between Air Transport and Rural Tourism in Thailand (page 395-400)

Colin C. H. Law
Original scientific paper

A Comparison of Tourist Arrivals Among Franchised Versus Independent Hotels: A Case Study from Montenegro (page 406-417)

Andrea Kavarić, Silvana Đurašević
Original scientific paper

Do Hotels Benefit from Hosting IIHF World Championships? Case of Prague and Bratislava Hotel Market (page 418-428)

Stepan Chalupa, Martin Petricek
Original scientific paper

Impact of Crowded Restaurant Perception on Affectivity and Behavioral Intentions (page 429-442)

A. Celil Cakici, Nurhayat Iflazoglu, Levent Altinay
Original scientific paper

The Temporal Dimension of Tourist Attraction (page 443-453)

Goran Ćorluka, Vanja Vitezić, Ivan Peronja
Review article

Personal Income and Employment Creation Differences Among Spanish Tourist Destinations: A Dynamic Panel Data Analysis Approach (page 454-461)

José Francisco Perles-Ribes, Ana Belén Ramón-Rodríguez, Martín Sevilla-Jiménez, María Jesús Such-Devesa
Short communication, Note

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