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  • Publication date: 26.07.2002.
  • Published on HRČAK: 12.06.2008.

Table of contents

Full text

Nominating Procedures in Democratic Polities (page 3-17)

Mirjana Kasapović
Original scientific paper

Is the Nation of Citizens a Viable Political Programme? (page 34-47)

Nenad Miščević
Original scientific paper

The Postsocialist States in Southeast Europe: Challenges and Dilemmas (page 62-86)

Vojmir Franičević
Original scientific paper

Requirements of EU Membership and Legal Reform in Croatia (page 87-105)

Siniša Rodin
Review article

Civilian Control of the Armed Forces in Slovenia (page 123-136)

Anton Grizold
Review article

The State's Authority in Religious Rights (page 137-143)

Ivan Padjen
Conference paper

Ivo Banac: Raspad Jugoslavije (Disintegration of Yugoslavia) (page 147-149)

Stevo Đurašković
Case report

Marina Mučalo: Radio u Hrvatskoj (Radio in Croatia) (page 150-152)

Darko Tomorad
Case report

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