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  • Publication date: 22.10.2023.
  • Published on HRČAK: 08.12.2023.

Table of contents

Full text

Domestic Tourism and the Domestic Tourist Experience: Complexities, Idiosyncrasies, and Understandings (page 659-676)

Prokopis A. Christou, Katerina Pericleous
Original scientific paper

Destination Choice, Satisfaction and Loyalty of Ski Tourists in the Indian Himalayas (page 677-696)

Naser Ul Islam, Manjula Chaudhary, Izidora Marković Vukadin, Syed Asif Mehboob Bukhari
Original scientific paper

Agritourism, Community Attachment and Their Contributions to Tourism and Community: An Empirical Study (page 708-722)

H. M. Kamrul Hassan, Tareq Mahbub, Md Ali Arshad Chowdhury
Original scientific paper

A Content Analysis of Consumer Feedback on ‘Teddy Tour Berlin’ Within the Concept of Toy Tourism (page 723-734)

Sevcan Yildiz, Didem Kutlu, Yasin Oğuz Özmenekşe
Original scientific paper

Tourists’ Personal Development Through Participatory Consumer-Generated Content (page 735-753)

Naveed R. Khan, Haseeb ur Rehman Khan, Mustafa Rehman Khan, Arsalan Mujahid Ghouri
Original scientific paper

International Congress Tourism, Adaptability, and Societal and Technological Transformations in the Pandemic Crisis (page 754-768)

Sylvie Christofle, Andreas Kallmuenzer
Original scientific paper

Self-Determination Theory in the Field of Tourism: A Bibliometric Analysis (page 769-781)

Kartal Doğukan Çıkı, Haluk Tanrıverdi
Review article

Determinants of Trade in Services With Focus on Tourism (page 806-816)

Alen Host
Original scientific paper

International Awards for Croatia as a Desirable Destination (page 817-817)

Croatian National Tourist Board CNTB

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