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Journal of Energy : Energija , Vol. 73. No. 1., 2024.

  • Publication date: 25.03.2024.
  • Published on HRČAK: 27.03.2024.

Table of contents

Full text

New Transformer Procurement Concepts in Times of High Uncertainty and Market Instability (page 3-7)

Jose Quintana, Wilson Smith, Mateja Čepin
Original scientific paper

Hybrid Analytical-FEM Approach for Power Transformer Transient Analysis (page 8-13)

Bruno Jurišić,, Zvonimir Jurković, Tomislav Župan, Mladen Marković
Original scientific paper

Measurement uncertainty in on-line bushing monitoring (page 14-17)

Wiesław Gil, Wiktor Masłowski
Original scientific paper

Improving the Reliability of Online Bushing Monitoring (page 18-23)

Vedran Jerbić, Samir Keitoue, Jurica Puškarić, Ivan Tomić
Original scientific paper

Is Nuclear Fusion Losing the Race with Global Warming? (page 24-28)

Vladimir Knapp, Nikola Dragić
Review article

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