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  • Publication date: 24.03.2024.
  • Published on HRČAK: 28.03.2024.

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Functional relationships between the breaking forces of ultrasonic welds and the speed in relation to the electrical power of the ultrasonic generator (page 2-5)

Dubravko Rogale, Snježana Firšt Rogale, Željko Knezić, Siniša Fajt
Original scientific paper

The Influence of Cotton/Polyester Blend Fabric Pre-treatment on Chitosan Functionalization (page 6-12)

Anita Tarbuk, Sandra Flinčec Grgac, Tihana Dekanić, Ivana Čorak, Stefana Begović
Original scientific paper

Assessment of polyester knitted fabrics and effluents from standard and innovative washing processes (page 13-20)

Tanja Pušić, Ana Šaravanja, Tea Bušac, Kristina Šimić, Nino Dimitrov, Mirjana Čurlin
Original scientific paper

Genetically engineered/modified fibres for the 21st century textiles and fashion (page 20-35)

Vanja Šantek, Edita Vujasinović
Original scientific paper

The European Community of Textile Research and Innovation Professionals (page 36-37)

Marina Crnoja-Ćosić
Short communication, Note

30th anniversary of the Croatian Academy of Engineering (page 38-40)

Bruno Zelić
Short communication, Note

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