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  • Publication date: 30.04.2009.
  • Published on HRČAK: 08.05.2009.

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Effect of Container Type on Growth and Developtment of Seedlings of Common Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens var. pyramidalis Nyman) in Nurseriers and Forest Cultures (page 132-134)

Vlado Topić, Lukrecija Butorac, Zoran Đurđević, Branko Kekelić, Goran Jelić
Original scientific paper

Effects of Global Climate Change on the Ecological Niche of Silver Fir(Abies albaMill.) in Croatia (page 144-144)

Igor Anić, Joso Vukelić, Stjepan Mikac, Darko Bakšić, Damir Ugarković
Original scientific paper

Artificial Neural Networks in the Estimation of Stand Density from Cyclic Recordings (page 154-155)

Damir Klobučar, Renata Pernar
Original scientific paper

Sufrace Runoff and Soil Loss in Burnt Stands of Aleppo Pine (Pinus halepensis Mill.) Growing on Colluvial Soils (page 173-174)

Lukrecija Butorac, Vlado Topić, Goran Jelić
Original scientific paper

Non Wood Forest Products and Services – Are we Using them Enough? (page 183-184)

Dijana Vuletić, Silvija Krajter, Marko Mrazek, Anna Ćorić
Original scientific paper

Some Physical and Mechanical Properties of Recent and Heat Treated Ash– Fraxinus Excelsior L. (page 191-191)

Slavko Govorčin, Tomislav Sinković, Richard Hrčka
Original scientific paper

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