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  • Publication date: 30.03.2007.
  • Published on HRČAK: 13.10.2010.

Table of contents

Full text

Missing Data Correction in Still Images Using Multi-Resolution Analysis (page 1-5)

Danco Davcev, Vladimir Trajkovik, Blerim Mustafa
Original scientific paper

A Paradigm for Object-Oriented Conceptual Modeling of Optical Networks (page 7-15)

Isaac Woungang, Subhas Misra, Sudip Misra
Original scientific paper

VoDSL Information Management for Broadband Communication Network Access (page 17-24)

Cajetan M. Akujuobi, Nader F. Mir, Sarhan M. Musa
Original scientific paper

A Natural Language Architecture (page 25-32)

Adesina Simon Sodiya
Original scientific paper

Statistical Machine Translation from Slovenian to English (page 47-59)

Mirjam Sepesy Maučec, Zdravko Kačić
Original scientific paper

Using Network Processor to Establish Security Agent for AODV Routing Protocol (page 61-70)

Wang Chengyao, Ji Zhenzhou, Hu Mingzeng, Fu Zhongchuan, Chen Hongsong
Original scientific paper

Low Cost, Cross-language and Cross-platform Information Retrieval and Documentation Tools (page 71-84)

Nikitas N. Karanikolas
Original scientific paper

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