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  • Publication date: 30.06.2005.
  • Published on HRČAK: 13.10.2010.

Table of contents

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An Evaluation of the World-Views for the Grab-and-Glue Framework (page 85-93)

Ray J. Paul, Tillal Eldabi, Man Wai Lee
Original scientific paper

An Investigation into the Use of Net-Conferencing Groupware in Simulation Modelling (page 95-106)

John Ladbrook, Simon J. E. Taylor, Stewart Robinson
Original scientific paper

Culture and E-Commerce: An Exploration of the Perceptions and Attitudes of Egyptian Internet Users (page 107-122)

Ghada ElSaid, Kate Hone
Original scientific paper

Theoretical Approaches to Study SMEs eBusiness Progression (page 123-136)

Guy Fitzgerald, Fernando Alonso Mendo
Original scientific paper

Knowledge about Sustainability: SSM as a Method for Conceptualising the UK Construction Industry’s Knowledge Environment (page 137-148)

Mike Cushman, Tony Cornford, Will Venters
Original scientific paper

Improving Perceptual Multimedia Quality with an Adaptable Communication Protocol (page 149-161)

Johnson P. Thomas, Gheorghita Ghinea
Original scientific paper

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