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  • Publication date: 25.03.2010.
  • Published on HRČAK: 27.04.2010.

Table of contents

Full text

The Philosophical Foundations of Modernism (page 21-21)

Ivan Šestak
Original scientific paper

The Traditional Family's Prospects or the Lack Thereof in Contemporary Society (page 35-35)

Dragan Nimac
Original scientific paper

The Design Argument – Anthropic Principle (page 55-55)

Josip Planinić
Review article

The Catholic Church and Modernism (page 95-95)

Ivan Antunović
Review article

The Prayer Life of Blessed Ivan Merz (page 112-112)

Zlatko Sudac
Review article

Pluralism and the Transitional Culture of Conflict - What about violence? (page 124-124)

Maja Žitinski
Professional paper

Obrisi nade, smisla i svrhe. Bitka za čovjeka (page 125-127)

Dražen Zetić

Autobiografija Ignacija Lojolskog. Hodočasnikova ispovijest (page 134-137)

Josip Batinić
Case report

Ivan Antunović, Sakrament ženidbe (page 137-141)

Marito Mihovil Letica
Case report

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