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Biochemia Medica , Vol. 20 No. 2, 2010.

  • Publication date: 04.06.2010.
  • Published on HRČAK: 08.06.2010.

Table of contents

Full text

Biochemia Medica launches a new web page and an online manuscript submission system (page 125-125)

Ana-Maria Simundic, Elizabeta Topic, Dubravka Cvoriscec

Quality in laboratory diagnostics: from theory to practice (page 126-130)

Giuseppe Lippi, Mario Plebani, Ana-Maria Simundic

Overview on patient safety in healthcare and laboratory diagnostics (page 131-142)

Giuseppe Lippi, Ana-Maria Simundic, Camilla Mattiuzzi

Quality and diagnostic perspectives in laboratory diagnostics (page 144-146)

Mathias M. Müller

Quality in the analytical phase (page 147-153)

Oswald Sonntag

Hemolysis detection and management of hemolyzed specimens (page 154-159)

Ana-Maria Simundic, Elizabeta Topic, Nora Nikolac, Giuseppe Lippi

The role of the External Quality Assessment (page 160-164)

Laura Sciacovelli, Sandra Secchiero, Lorena Zardo, Mario Plebani

Reference intervals as a tool for total quality management (page 165-172)

Gian Cesare Guidi, Gian Luca Salvagno

Notification of critical values (page 173-178)

Mario Plebani, Elisa Piva

Quality in the extra-analytical phases of urinalysis (page 179-183)

Alberta Caleffi, Fabio Manoni, Maria Grazia Alessio, Cosimo Ottomano, Giuseppe Lippi

Quality in coagulation and haemostasis testing (page 184-199)

Roslyn Bonar, Emmanuel J. Favaloro, Dorothy M. Adcock

Quality in point of care testing (page 200-206)

Davide Giavarina, Adele Villani, Marco Caputo

Total quality in laboratory diagnostics: the role of commercial companies (page 207-214)

Ana K. Stankovic, Jeffrey Silvestri, Michael Malis, Carmen Najork

Accreditation in clinical laboratories (page 215-220)

Tomáš Zima

Evolution and current state of assays for measuring parathyroid hormone (page 221-228)

Mario Skugor, Manjula Gupta, Sankar D. Navaneethan
Review article

Frequency of factor II G20210A, factor V Leiden, MTHFR C677T and PAI-1 5G/4G polymorphism in patients with venous thromboembolism: Croatian case-control study (page 229-235)

Zrinka Alfirevic, Ana-Maria Simundic, Nora Nikolac, Nikola Sobocan, Igor Alfirevic, Mario Stefanovic, Zeljko Vucicevic, Elizabeta Topic
Original scientific paper

Procalcitonin in systemic and localized bacterial infection (page 236-241)

Marina Pavic, Ana Bronic, Lara Milevoj Kopcinovic
Original scientific paper

Concentration of C-reactive protein, magnesium and calcium in children with acute bronchoconstriction before and after therapy with salbutamol (page 242-248)

Slavica Dodig, Ivana Cepelak, Miljenko Raos, Renata Zrinski Topic, Jadranka Zivcic, Ivan Pavic
Original scientific paper

The prevalence of metabolic syndrome in a local population in India (page 249-252)

Manopriya Thiruvagounder, Shaheen Khan, Dhastagir Sultan Sheriff
Original scientific paper

Analytical validation of therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) on AxSYM Abbott analyzer (page 253-259)

Nora Nikolac, Ana-Maria Simundic, Nada Vukelic, Dalja Papic Futac
Original scientific paper

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