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Original scientific paper

Lucidarius from the Petris’ Codex

Amir Kapetanović ; Institut za hrvatski jezik i jezikoslovlje, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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Lucidarius, a collection of medieval knowledge and beliefs, was very popular in medieval Europe. Two main versions of that medieval illuminating prose are known, from which all the translations on other European national languages originate: H. Augustodunensises’ Latin “theological” version and the German compilation of the work of Honori and other non- theological works with different content. Both versions are also known in old Croatian translations, the oldest ones being from the 15th century. One of them is a translation from the old Czech language, written in the Petris’ codex (1468.). In this paper the Latin transcription of the translation written in Glagolitic script is published for the fi rst time. The introduction of the paper deals with the connection between Lucidarius from the Petris’ codex and other Croatian translations which are close to it.


Lucidarius, Petris’ codex, 15th century, Glagolitic script, Croatian

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