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Original scientific paper

What Jela Bujović of Perast Wrote from Dubrovnik to Her Husband Vicko in 1697

Viktoria Franić Tomić

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This article analyzes the culturo-historical and rhetorical context of a letter Jela Bujović of Perast had written from Dubrovnik in 1697 to her, at the time, unmarried husband, Vicko Bujović. The author draws attention to the shift in the educational pattern at the turn of the seventeenth century reflected in the epistolary discourse of Jela Bujović, characterised by gender problematics as well as the early signs of the development of more formal structures of female education. This being the only letter preserved, in terms of style it cannot be defined as literary, yet Jela Bujović has left a significant testimony of her selfconsciousness.


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