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Original scientific paper

New and poorly known Middle Jurassic larger benthic foraminifera from the Karst Dinarides of Croatia

Felix Schlagintweit
Ivo Velić ; Croatian Geological Survey

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Some new and poorly known larger benthic foraminifera are described from Middle Jurassic (Upper Aalenian-Bajocian) shallow-water limestones of the Croatian Karst Dinarides. Cymbriaella lorigae FUGAGNOLI is reported for the first time beside its type-locality, the Upper Pliensbachian of the Southern Alps. New taxa described include Bosniella bassoulleti n. sp. and Dubrovnikella septfontainei n. gen., n. sp. (family Biokovinidae). Both Cymbriaella lorigae and Everticyclammina praevirguliana FUGAGNOLI are reported for the first time from Middle Jurassic strata. The new findings allow further insights into the phylogenetic evolution of the larger benthic foraminifera during the Early to Middle Jurassic period.


Benthic foraminifera; taxonomy; Middle Jurassic; Karst Dinarides; Croatia

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