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Original scientific paper

Increasing Smoking Prevalence among Pupils of Several Croatian Secondary Medical Schools between 1990 and 2006

Dražen Stojanović
Ante Barbir
Verica Kralj
Đulija Malatestinić
Albert Cattunar
Robert Cerović

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Smoking among pupils of secondary medical schools is of particular public health interest because of their role in the
health system in the future. The study was part of the survey of smoking among students of Croatian medium medical
schools. Data of 3 survey periods were available (1990–2002–2006). Specific smoking trends among 14–18 year olds were
examined using odds ratios and multiple regressions. Sex ratios were calculated for each survey period. Daily smoking
prevalence in 1990 was 15.9% in boys and 14.1% among girls. Occasional smoking in 1990 occurred among 8.9% of boys
and 15.0% of girls. Twelve years after, smoking prevalence increased for daily smoking in boys to 32.9% and among girls
to 30.4%. Occasional smoking decreased to 6.3% in boys, and increased to 17.8% among girls. There were no remarkable
changes in prevalence from 2002 to 2006. Among adolescents in Croatia, there was high risk for smoking among adolescent
population. High smoking rate among pupils of medical schools predicts not only high mortality due to smoking
over 20–30 years, but also implicates for bad habit among professional health workers, if no policy interventions were


age, gender, medical schools, prevalence, smoking

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