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Original scientific paper

A Contribution to 18th Century Prose

Zlata Šundalić ; Faculty of philosophy in Osijek

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The central topic of this work is the prosaic elaboration of the legend on St. Eustachius, which, even though it belongs to old Croatian literature, has confirmation from the Middle Ages to pre­Illyrian times (Medieval elaboration from the beginning of the 14th century, an elaboration from Lučić’s Vartal from the end of the 16th century, Glavinić’s from 1628, Gašparoti’s from 1760 and Rapić’s from 1762). It is about Placid (2nd century), a commander of Trayan’s guards, who, upon baptism, is named Eustachius, and then undergoes severe torture and temptations together with his family, until his horrendous death.
The work particularly deals with the neglected or overlooked elaboration of the Slavonian Franciscan Đuro Rapaić. By reading simultaneously all five versions on St. Eustachius, concentrating on the structuralism of the text, the characters and narrating strategies, one can seen the quality of Rapaić’s actions in the reformation of existing models.


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