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Original scientific paper

Božo Lovrić, the forgotten Dramatist

Marica Grigić orcid id ; Center for philosophy in Osijek

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Božo Lovrić (Split, 1881 – Prague, 1953), a Croatian writer, is the author of some twenty plays, only a small number of which is known and available to the Croatian public. The reasons why his complete drama (and literary) work is unknown can be ascribed to the fact that Lovrić spent more than half of his life in Prague, taking active part in the cultural life of the Czech capital city.
The exact time when his one­act play Odkupljena (The Redeemed) was written can not be determined (the manuscript is kept in the Institute for the History of Croatian Literature, Theatre and Music of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts), but based on its stylistic characteristics (artism, verism) and dramatic form (one­act play), we can conclude that this text shows features typical of dramatic achievements of the Croatian literature and theatre in the period of literary modernism.


one­act play, modernism, artism, verism.

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