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Review article

Systematics and the Apologetic Nature of Tillich's Theology

Dubravko Arbanas orcid id ; Edunova - škola informatike i managementa, Osijek, Hrvatska

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Paul Tillich, philosopher and theologian, is best-known for his philosophy of religion and theology of culture. He was, however, first and foremost a systematic and apologetic theologian, who, having a uniquely broad field of interest, always endeavoured to develop it within ´the vision of the whole´. Therefore, this study shall aim at presenting the seminal determinants and important phases in the development of Tillich’s theological system, as well as the apologetic nature of his theology. Specific areas of investigation are: the systematics of his thought, the anthropological foundation of his theology, the relation between apologetic theology and ´kerygma´, and finally the theological circle. The method of investigation is the analysis of Tillich’s relevant works dealing with these topics, including a few of the most important monographs and papers written about his work. By critically examining these works, the author has come to the conclusion that systematics is at the very core of Tillich’s thought, whereas his apologetic theology based on man’s existential situation contributes to the efficacy of the fundamental function of theology: ´communicating the truth of the Christian message and interpreting this truth for each new generation´.


systematics; apologetics; ´kerygma´; theology; theological circle

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