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Original scientific paper

Electrochemical Behavior of Hybrid Films Composed of Copper Hexacyanoferrate and Conducting Polymer

Abla Ahmed Hathoot ; Electrochemistry Laboratory, Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, Menoufia University, Shebin Elkom, Egypt

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Hybrid organic / inorganic films, composed of poly 4-aminoquinolidine (PAQ) matrix and Prussian
blue – like copper hexacyanoferrate (CuHCFe) redox centers were prepared. Platinum disk (Pt) was
used as a conductive substrate onto which the hybrid films (Pt/PAQ/CuHCFe) were electrodeposited by
potential cycling. Electrochemical behavior of the modified electrode was well characterized using cyclic
voltammetry technique. The hybrid film modified electrode showed improvement in the electrochemical
response in aqueous and non aqueous media compared with the polymer film (PAQ) single layer. Moreover
a good electrocatalytic activity towards the oxidation of hydroquinone (H2Q) was observed. In addition,
the electrode exhibited a distinct advantage of good chemical and mechanical stability.
(doi: 10.5562/cca1920)


hybrid films, modified electrodes, electropolymerization, electrodeposition, cyclic voltammetry

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