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Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease in Rural Area of Croatia

Aleksandar Džakula
Adis Keranović
Vanja Crnica
Marjeta Majer
Nataša Janev Holcer
Slavica Sović
Bojana Bolić
Nikolina Antonia Domokuš
Ivanka Dražić
Marija Vugrinčić
Davor Zibar
Nikola Blažević
Tea Friščić
Tea Korać
Ilda Bander
Silvije Vuletić

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page 245-249

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Rural areas, where 47.6% of the Croatian population lives are not generally the focus of research; yet there are challenges which affect the rural population that often go unreported. These communities often exhibit disadvantages in many areas of health. The aim of this study is to examine the specific health needs and related determinants of rural populations influenced by transition that were affected by the consequences of war. The focus of the research is rural lifestyle, behaviour and cardiovascular risk factors in three villages of Sisa~ko-moslava~ka County. Results show that participants generally understand that their own lifestyles influence their health, but they often neglect to change their behaviour to improve their health. This can be explained through complex socio-economic conditions and traditional values of their heritage. These results suggest a need for further research on health status, attitude, and behaviour of Croatia’s rural population. Specific public health intervention and services for rural populations must be promoted.


cardiovascular disease, risk factors, rural population, health care, health status

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