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Review article

The CroHort Study: Cardiovascular Behavioral Risk Factors in Adults, School Children and Adolescents, Hospitalized Coronary Heart Disease Patients, and Cardio Rehabilitation Groups in Croatia

Sanja Musić Milanović
Ana Ivičević Uhernik
Aleksandar Džakula
Ognjen Brborović
Tamara Poljičanin
Kristina Fišter
Vesna Jureša
Inge Heim
Hrvoje Vražić
Mijo Bergovec
Josipa Kern
Silvije Vuletić

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page 265-268

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Based on repeated measurement of health behaviors the CroHort Study showed that health behavior explains a great deal more of class inequalities in mortality than observed in previous studies. These include decreasing prevalence of smoking and increase in obesity, hypertension and diabetes mellitus. The lowest prevalence of health risks was recorded among children and adolescents, followed by general adult population from the CroHort Study. Hospitalized coronary heart disease patients had higher risks prevalence than general population, while the highest prevalence of risks was recorded among patients in cardiac rehabilitation program. The higher levels of stress were associated to lower financial
conditions, poorer social functioning and poorer mental health for bothmen and women. Higher levels of stress were also associated with heart problems, higher alcohol consumption in men while in women stress was associated to poorer general health, higher age and lower levels of education.


cardiovascular behavioral risk factors, prevalence, cumulative incidence, socioeconomic differences

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