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Professional paper

Possible Contributions of Integrative Bioethics in Bridging the Gap Between Faith and Science

Mile Marinčić ; Srednja škola Ivan Švear, Ivanić Grad, Hrvatska
Berislav Čović orcid id ; National and University Library in Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

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In this paper we have attempted to demonstrate the value and significance of bioethics, that is (not only) integrative bioethics, as that which can contribute to the easing of tensions on the level of faith-science (theology and natural sciences). We have endeavoured to clarify the bioethical contribution through several important points. Firstly, it is in the very foundations of bioethics (integrative bioethics), such as it (bioethics) has entered Croatian scientific circles, that we can perceive clear indications of its goal which is to enable our orientation from various points of departure (integrativity, interdisciplinarity, transdisciplinarity, prespectivity, pluriperspectivism ) toward a more qualitative development and subsistence of the world and of man. Also, we must underline the fact that bioethics (integrative bioethics) makes no attempt, nor has it ever made any attempt, to be some sort of »new religion«, but rather it has arisen from the endeavour to respond to burning issues pertaining to man and the world and their survival.


bioethics, faith, science, mind, pluriperspectivism, engineering, technology, integrative bioethics

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