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Original scientific paper

Pavo Živković ; Department of History, University of Zadar, Zadar, Croatia
Marija Brandić ; Faculty of Philosophy, J. J. Strossmayer University Osijek, Osijek, Croatia

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Usora, which is situated in the region of North-East and North Bosnia, is mentioned for the first time in the Chart of Bela the Fourth from 1244. In the Middle Ages there were located many fortresses and significant settlements, which in time became centers of administrative units - parishes and counties.
First two centuries of Turkish power in Usora and Soli were crucial for the demographic and religious situation in that part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The expectation of Gazi Husrev - bey that Bosnia and Herzegovina will be Catholic-free did not come true, although his acting, as well as that of his descendants significantly contributed to emigration of Croatian people from this region. In economical aspect, this region could not develop better too. Other than army, that region was devastated by numerous epidemics what contributed even more to demographic changes.
With this contribution, we hope to encourage further research and scientific thoughts, which would bring more light to the history of this region.


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