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Preliminary communication

The Economic Crisis and the Desirability of Choosing the Military Call

Dario MATIKA ; Institute for Research and Development of Armed Systems of MORH, Zagreb
Marinko OGOREC ; Institute for Research and Development of Armed Systems of MORH, Zagreb

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In the circumstances of elevated personal uncertainty, due to the economic-financial crisis which strongly affected the Republic of Croatia as well, the desirability of choosing the military profession has changed as well to a certain extent. Since the economic crisis appeared in the Republic of Croatia and along with it personal economic insecurity, the approach of younger generations towards the military profession has begun to alter as well as the attitude towards their own enrolment in the military forces as a life (or at least long-term) choice. The research has shown that in year 2010 the acceptance of voluntary maturity service with the questioned conscripts has somewhat increased with regard to previous years. However, the attitudes towards active military service have not changed considerably. Such results could be interpreted as thoughts about possible temporary solutions for economic insecurity in the period of recession, while in the long run, the majority of questioned soldiers consider the military profession merely as an "emergency exit" in case they aren't able to find employment in the public sector.


economic crisis, military profession, voluntary military service

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