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Original scientific paper

Bureaucracy: a Term and Concept in the Socialist Discourse about State Power (Before 1941)

Darko Suvin ; Casella Postale 56, Vle Puccini 903, 55100 Lucca, Italy

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page 193-214

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The term and concept of bureaucracy is discussed as found in the debates of Marx, Engels, and the German Social-democratic Party, then in Lenin’s Fight against Bureaucracy and the State Machine, and finally in Stalin’s Unavowed Thermidor (these are the subtitles). It is concerned only with “upstream of Yugoslavia”, i.e. what the Communist parties had accepted or at least known of in the 1930s, and the CPY started modifying after 1948. All outside of such a vulgate (Weber, Trotsky, and so on) is not discussed.


bureaucracy; State; Marx; Engels; Lenin; Stalin; German Social- democratic party before World War I

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