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Sixty years of the Veterinary Institute of Rijeka (1947–2007)

Vesna Vučevac Bajt ; University of Zagreb, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Zagreb, Croatia

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This article follows the history of the Veterinary Institute of Rijeka through three periods: from 1947 to 1961, when it was the Veterinary Diagnostics Station of Rijeka, then from 1961 to 1990 when it operated as the Veterinary Institute, and finally since 1990 in independent Croatia. The Institute was founded to address issues related to the long-standing local animal epidemics, quick diagnostics of contagious and parasitical livestock and poultry diseases, and foodstuff analysis. The most distinguished founding fathers of the Diagnostics Station were Dr Emil Walter, Roko Bohorić, Josip Legac, and Dr Karlo Vončina, who was the Station’s first director. Bacteriological, parasitological and toxicological analyses started on 2 July 1947, and since 1959 they included laboratory analysis of foodstuffs of animal origin. From 1978, when all Croatian veterinary institutions joined with the Central Institute for Animal Reproduction and Breeding Zagreb-Križevci and the Veterinary Institute of Zagreb, to 1991, the Veterinary Institute of Rijeka was a part of the joined Croatian Veterinary Institute, and was divided in three sections, that is, diagnostics, foodstuffs and water, and analytical chemistry. From 1991 to 2007 it worked within the centralised national veterinary institute only to become its branch on 2 May 2007 Thanks to high professionalism and good organisation and implementation of preventive measures over the last 60 years, the Institute has been successful in combating and reducing nearly all contagious livestock and poultry diseases, including the most dangerous zoonoses in the area of its activity.


history of veterinary medicine, 20th century, Veterinary Institute, Rijeka, Croatia

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