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Original scientific paper

Biondi in the Service of His Majesty James

Lovro Škopljanac orcid id ; Faculty of philosophy in Zagreb, University of Zagreb

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Giovanni Francesco (Sir John Francis) Biondi (1573-1644), referred to as Ivan Frane Biundović on his native island of Hvar, is remembered in the framework of the English literary historiography owing to his prose trilogy and a historical study on English wars and kings from the end of the 14th to the beginning of the 16th century. Biondi’s oeuvre and his importance from Croatian and Italian perspective has already been discussed in the context of the Croatian literal historiography (Zorić, Machiedo, Novak). Hence, the aim of this work is to show Biondi’s literary impact on the English public which is why the paper focuses on the information on Biondi’s life under the service of the English kings, the fate of English translations of his work, and the contemporary evaluation of Biondi’s work from Anglo-American perspective.


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