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Review article

Methodological components of the initial Croatian language education

Branimir Mendeš ; University of Split, Faculty of Philosophy, Croatia

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The paper provides an overview of methodological components of the initial Croatian language teaching. The initial Croatian language teaching, respectively preliminary teaching of reading and writing, is a fundamental area in Croatian language teaching curriculum in primary education and at the same time the foundation for mastering other school subjects. In the initial teaching of reading and writing the following methodological components can be identifi ed: relationship and distribution of the initial reading and writing; application of special method;, selection and arrangement of printed and written letters; and letter-processing procedures. All the methodological components are tightly linked, complementary and interferential in teaching practice.


initial reading and writing education, methodological components, relationship and distribution of initial reading and writing, special methods of teaching the initial reading and writing, selection and arrangement of printed and written letters, letter-processing procedures

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