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Professional paper

Self-evaluation of teachers´ competence for educational work with parents

Maja Ljubetić ; Filozofski fakultet u Splitu
Suzana Zadro ; UNIVERSITY OF SPLIT, Croatia

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Various competences are required of a contemporary teacher, including those related to good cooperation with parents/families, as well as parents´ pedagogical education. In order to investigate the level of teachers´ competence in the stated segment of their educational work, a pilot-research was conducted on the sample of 85 primary school teachers employed in primary schools in Split and Knin. The paper presents and analyzes the research results related to self-evaluation of teachers´ competence in working with parents as well as those regarding the necessity of teachers´ competence improvement in the fi eld. The results obtained in this research demonstrate teachers´ insuffi cient competence in pedagogical work with parents and reveal the weaknesses of their college training system in the area.


competence, working with parents, teachers, self-evaluation, the weaknesses

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