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Review article

The economic analysis of the evolution of Romanian ferrous metallurgy

I. Bostan ; “Stefan cel Mare” University, Faculty of Economics, Suceava, Romania
M. Onofrei ; „Al.I. Cuza” University, Faculty of Economics, Iasi, Romania

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The ferrous metallurgy represents a traditional occupation, being extremely important for the national economy. Romania has gone through all the stages foreseen for the restructuring of this industry in compliance with the provisions of the European Council’s Decision (1999/582/EC) concerning the partnership for the EU adherence, which included a special chapter on ferrous metallurgy, the provisions of the Protocol no. 2 (ECSC), as well as with other significant normative acts subsequently enacted. Following the performed restructuring – privatizations, state allowances, liquidations, re-technologization – the activity of this sector has developed, still being under the potential of the Romanian metallurgic industry. Nowadays, the disadvantages relating to energy intensity and the increased need for imported raw materials are doubled by the difficulties generated by the global crisis.


metallurgic industry; Romanian plants; restructuring/privatization; ECSC; import/export of steel

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