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Review article

Support programmes for emotional and social competencies in children and adolescents

Radenka Munjas Samarin ; Biometrika Healthcare Research
Vladimir Takšić orcid id ; Faculty of Philosophy, Rijeka

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During the last decade, a growing number of educational psychology experts, along with academic performance, stress the importance of developing the child's social and emotional skills through schooling. Research indicates that social and emotional competencies can be learned through school-based curriculum activities (Social and Emotional Learning, SEL). Such programs seem to be an effective approach to reducing problem behaviors and emotional distress, while at the same time promoting positive social adjustment and enhancing the academic performance of students.
This paper brings a broad overview of existing programs and represents an attempt to classify SEL programs implemented in different countries (primarily in American schools) in the last 10 years. Since the primary goal is to raise interest and increase understanding in experts from education and psychology in order to encourage implementation of such programs in Croatia, the paper gives a critical insight into the conditions in which SEL programs are developed, implemented and evaluated.


emotional intelligence; emotional competence; social and emotional learning; programme; curriculum; school

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