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Original scientific paper

Histopathological analysis of liver in fish (Barbus meridionalis petenyi Heckel) in reservoir Trebeništa

L. Velkova-Jordanoska
G. Kostoski

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The Barbus meridionalis petenyi Heck. is a typical benthophagous fish, feeding on the zoobenthos and plant components and thanks to its sensitivity to the changes in surrounding medium is an ideal object for indication of the health of aquatic ecosystems. The Teleostei fish liver is susceptible to numerous, both toxic and metabolic, disturbances.
Liver pieces of 40 individuals collected from Trebeništa Reservoir in July 1999, were excised and processed for standard histopathological analysis. The obtained results revealed pathological changes in the liver tissue including parenchyme cell necrosis associated with hemorragia.


histopathology; liver; necrosis; hemorragia

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