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Spontaneous Resolution of Post-Traumatic Chronic Subdural Hematoma: Case Report

Marcel Marcikić
Boris Hrečkovski
Josip Samardžić
Mirjana Martinović
Krešimir Rotim

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Spontaneous resolution of post-traumatic chronic subdural hematoma is a very rare and unexpected event. It has been rarely reported in the literature, mostly cases of chronic subdural hematoma resolution in idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura. Operative procedure is generally considered the treatment of choice for chronic subdural hematoma. We present a rare case, which did not require an open surgery, i.e. a case of post-traumatic chronic subdural hematoma spontaneous resolution in a 76-year-old female having sustained a fall without classic head injury. The possibility of conservative treatment is extremely rare in patients with chronic subdural hematoma, but it should be considered based on the patient’s neurological and physical condition.


Craniocerebral trauma – physiopathology, Hematoma, subdural – physiopathology, Remission, spontaneous, Case report

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