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Original scientific paper

Close loop density control as an improvement regarding paper waste in heatset printing technology

Mario Barišić ; Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Information Science, J. J. Strossmayer University of Osijek, Croatia
Jana Žiljak Vujić ; Department of Informatic Design, Polytechnic Zagreb, Vrbik 8a, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Josipa Lajkovič orcid id ; School of Economics Novo Mesto, Talcev 3a, 8000 Novo Mesto, Slovenia

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The strategy of close loop density control installation systems in heatset printing technology is proposed as a method for automatization and decreasing paper waste during the printing process. Parameters are proposed by which an improved structure and manner of control as well as more efficient printing monitoring are introduced. Two new definitions are introduced into the system and it is suggested that they be adopted as an advanced control method in heatset printing technology. The experimental plan has been carried out for large facilities whereby printing practice is highly improved in general, the goal being to optimize paper waste control. Variables are respected defining colour reproduction density, limitations of machine technique and investments into new automatization. A process set in this manner improves control mechanisms in the area of making choices and designing machine facility configuration on an advanced level of computer controlled production.


close loop density control; heatset printing technology; process paper waste; startup paper waste

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